Health Checkup

Preventive Health Check-up Packages

Master Health check
(Male / Female)

Executive Health check
(Male / Female)

Whole Body Health check
(Male / Female)

Well Women Check
(Male / Female)

Cardiac Health check Package
(Below 40 Yrs)

Cardiac Health check Package
(Above 40 Yrs)

Check Package

Instructions to the patients

  • It’s best you make an appointment with us, so we could instructyou appropriately. Call 9535311119 or send us an enquiry at
  • Many of our packages require an overnight fasting (minimum of 12 hrs) and it would be best if you enquire with our healthcare executives
  • For ultrasound abdomen & pelvis you would need to have a moderately full bladder to visualise the organs better. We would recommend you hydrate yourself well and do not pass urine just before the test. Waiting with a full bladder may not be the most comfortable experience and we will try to be as helpful as possible by scheduling your turn as soon as possible.
  • For TMT there should be 3 hours prior fasting. For patients above 50 yrs a physician opinion would be required to assess safety of the procedure which will be done by our in-house physician.
  • Avoid smoking & consuming alcohol for a minimum of 12hrs before check-up.
  • Opinion and advice will be given by consultant physician, based on the standard tests in the package. Any further tests or consultation recommended by the consultant will not be a part of this package, hence will be bear additional charges. Consultation will be based on the availability of
    appointments. The availability of reports in such instances will depend on the nature of the tests.

Special instructions for Men

  • Men should shave their chest for stress test (TMT) and ECG

Special instructions for Women

  • Inform if you are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant as X-rays and pap smear are not recommended.
  • It is advisable to book your appointment within 8 days of your last
    menstrual cycle
  • If you are menstruating please inform as we will not be able to take
    your urine and Pap smear samples