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Liposuction for Perfect Figure and Contour


It is a surgical technique designed to reduce localized deposits of FAT that neither diet nor exercise can remove. It can be done on various areas of body (Abdomen, Arms, Buttocks, Hips, Thighs, Neck, Back, Waist) at the same time or even in combination with other surgical procedures. This treatment helps in getting perfect figure as contour and even weight loss.


What does it do to body

In the human body Fat acts both as Insulator and Storage of energy as Hydrocarbons. Tissues manufactures, stores & utilizes this energy source during exercise & also acts as the vital reserve. Fat cells increases in size and number, up to the level of utilization and then after accumulation of fats usually results in increase in size of each individual fat cells.

Due to the treatment number of fat cells can be reduced and result which is usually permanent. Each remaining fat cell can however get larger or smaller. Fatty tissue is composed of ex-surface layer and a deeper layer separated by a thin layer of connective tissue. In general its the deeper layer of fat tissue that responds well to process.


Equipment used for treatment

Liposuction consist of a vacuum pump connected to Cannula hollow tube with rounded tip and perforations at the end that allows for the aspirations of fat cells with nominal trauma to the body. The equipment used for surgery has become more sophisticated including use of laser on fat surface.


Process of Liposuction

For performing treatment local anesthesia can be given but intravenous sedation in few cases. Cannula is introduced into the body through small insertions on the surface of the skin which depending upon the areas of being operated. Number of insertions are required for each area being worked upon to allow Fat to be removed in different directions. By introducing Cannula through an insertion the surgeon manipulates the Cannula to and fro through the depths of the tissues creating tunnels and sucking out the fat. This procedure is also carried through out the other insertion crisscrossing the tunnel in order to give more gentle and more even removal of fats. This causes the skin to contract & tighten and allowing it to roll better to new contours of the body. On completion of operation the area is covered with elastic carbon that compresses the operated area. Also its recommended to message area.


Types of procedures,

  • Tumescent : This is the oldest and mostly done. Here in lot of fluid is injected in the fat of person so that the fat becomes liquefied and fats can be sucked out easily without using liposuction machine
  • Power assisted : Here Cannula reciprocates to and fro using machine instead of surgeon doing it. Its results are similar to Tumescent method.
  • Vaser : This process uses small Ultrasonic probe to liquidize the fat and then suctioned out of the body.

In Ultrasonic approach pain is still lesser, bruising is little less, swelling is little less and overall patients tend to recover faster.


Does fat come back afterwards?

Through Liposuction we can remove 70% to 80% of Fat cells in a given area which leaves only 20% - 30% of the original fat cells in the body. These cells expand and swells as you gain weight and contract as you lose weight. But as only few fat cells are left in a given area its very very hard to go back to the original before.


Side effects

When done properly by an experienced cosmetic surgeon with depth of knowledge some of the known issues can be avoided.

Still some issues can appear,

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Liquid accumulation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Lack of symmetry & regularity
  • Changes in skin sensitivity

Depending on the skin type of different patients and amount of fat removed and sensitivity of the area,

  • There can be swelling & bruises on the suction area. These will disappear without any further treatment over the following weeks of procedure. For few it may take up to 6 months to completely sub-size.
  • Skin Sagging – Skin sagging occurs as a result of inability of the skin to retract on to new contour or skin is not elastic enough to contract.


How to recover faster

Liposuction is a less invasive and straight forward treatment still patients has to follow complete recovery process to get desired results.

  • To get sufficient rest for 7-10 days to provide sufficient rest to body to recover. If not it can cause some complications and differ recovery process.
  • Avoid doing any kind of exercises, jogging or sports during the recovery as this puts extra stress on the body. But make sure to take slow and short walk every four – five hour as this will help avoid clotting and constipation.
  • Usage of compression garments: After the treatment compression garments has to be worn for few days or weeks. These are special garments will expedite the healing process by reducing the swelling, keeping your new body intact and the decreasing the discomfort.
  • Drain tubes: These Cannula are meant to drain away the fluid from the site and helps preventing any complications that may delay the healing process.
  • Cleanliness : Keeping the area clean and hygienic. Infections can attack the surgical area when the site is not clean. Don't let your friends touch the treated area. Keep the area clean and dry.


Simple check of doctor before deciding for procedure

  • How many procedures has he done?
  • Have you seen before and after pictures?
  • What kind of complication rate does the doctor have?


Liposuction is one of the most popular & sought after cosmetic procedure which removes fats and and removes very fast. This is done worldwide and considered safe procedure with proven efficacy. Most of all it gives a permanent solution to the obesity.

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