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Do you have skin problems? Perplexed to get a skin specialist consultation or not? Get treatment in Bangalore before it worsens. We have Whitefield’s Best Dermatologist who can educate on your skin & hair issue and treat them.

Why prefer Femiint Esthetics for your skin problems?

1. Because you can get consultation from best Male & Lady Dermatologist’s & Skin doctors who can treat your skin problem with great care.

2. A Hospital in Bangalore that has all laser equipment & latest medical technology to handle any kind of skin related problem near me.

3. Because we understand the anatomy of skin and address the exact skin problem of any patient who comes to us.

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Skin is the largest & most visible organ of the body. It covers & protects our internals against bacteria & injuries. And any kind of changes in body is first reflected on the skin appearance. Similarly Face is index of mind, body and mood. A charming and smiling face leaves behind unforgettable impact and memories. But today's hectic lifestyle, work pressure, travelling, pollution and food habits are all deteriorating our Skin and its complexion. Leaving behind dark spots, patches, black marks and wrinkle at very early age in our life. There is a dedicated branch of science to study, cure & help maintain skin.

Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hairs & its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. Dermatologist is a doctor that diagnoses & treats diseases and some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair & nails.

Skill sets required for Dermatologist

  1. Communication
    • Speak clearly for patients to understand
    • Listen & Understand patients grievances
    • Clarity in writing
  2. Good Diagnostic skills
    • Ask related questions for clarity of actual problem
    • Use reasoning for concluding on type of issue
    • Combine information and experience
    • Concentrate and not to distract
  3. Strong problem solving skills
    • Notice when something is wrong or going to be wrong
    • Think of new ideas for topics
    • Develop rules & procedures for convenience
    • Judge the cost & benefits of a possible action
    • Use logic to determine their strength and weakness
  4. Be Peoples doctor
    • Manage time for patients and self
    • Persuade to approach things correctly
    • Change behavior in context to every patient & situation
  5. Provide high standard of care
    • Teach how to do something
    • Beware of others reaction and possible causes.
  6. Personality Traits
    • Passion to help
    • Inspire & reinforce patients of all type
    • Stamina & endurance
    • Strong Emotionally


Dermatologist at Femiint Esthetics Hospitals

In order help you get back the lost charisma we have top Dermatologists and famous Skin specialists under one roof at Whitefield, Bangalore. Our Doctors are highly qualified and have treated 100’s of patients in Bangalore and around. As Skin type varies from person to person similarly our consultations and treatments are customized with great deal. The facilities and good support staff care takes the overall feel of treatment to next level. We have best of equipment in house to support all kind of treatments and surgeries at affordable cost.

Our dermatologists treat issues like,

1.Acne & Scar

2. Open Pores

3. Hair Transplantation

4. Pigmentation / Melasma for oily skin

5. Anti Aging

We prescribe many solutions like Chemical Peels, Jet Peel, Meso-Therapy, Quanta AssetLite –Q switch ND Yag Laser treatment, Fillers, Platelet rich Plasma, Micro Protein Treatment, Anti-Aging Therapies.

Our Experts take consultations for all kind of Skin related concerns and Male, females and kids of all age group have been benefited by our treatment. So stop worrying about your skin and take trip to get rid of them.

One stop solution for all your dermatology related problems

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