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Skin Pigmentation & Melasma

Pigmentation is more of Aesthetics disorder which directly reflect on our skin. Skin pigmentation disorders affect the color of your skin. This can develop at any stage due to many reasons. Even tone and texture is the sign of good healthy skin.

Direct exposure to UV rays of sunlight, some allergies and certain hormonal changes can bring about these changes on our skin. If not treated immediately, skin start losing glow and complexion. This may leave unpleasing dark marks and patches on skin.

Its a terminology for dark spot, patches or general darkening of skin. In the upper layer of our skin we have certain cells which are pigment cells & produce certain pigment called melanin, which is evenly distributed in the skin and gives out the color to our skin that we possess.

The darkening of skin can be due to many factor both external and internal at any time in our lives,

  • Ultra violet radiation / Sun Damage
  • Hormonal changes
  • Acne Marks
  • Medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging, & many other factors.

Any of these factor can increase the pigment cells in the skin or activate the cells to produce excess melanin.

Types of Pigmentation

There are many common kind of pigmentation like freckles, Melasma, hyper-pigmentation etc. these often cause a cosmetic problem and require treatment.

Freckles are the common response to sunlight and can be seen as light brown spots on the face and exposed parts of the body. In general these appears in fair skin people from very early age.

Melasma is a kind of pigment which shows up only on cheeks in the form of brownish or grayish brown patches which are sharply defined. At time may appear on chin & forehead. Both sides of the face are usually affected.

Main factors causing Melasma are Sunlight & hormones and more mostly common in females. It may appear either during or post pregnancy.

Hyper pigmentation These are the marks left behind after treating boils, infections, eczema, allergy, injury etc. around the skin. These gets left behind due to some inflammation in that part of the skin.

There are certain cosmetic and perfumes which can on their own leave dark patches of skin.

Right approach to treat this skin issue :

These marks can be avoided by good sun screening habits. There are many different kind of products, prescribed medication and chemical peel. When used in combination of one or more of these can help get rid of pigmentation. Mostly treatments are customized after detailed evaluation of your specific skin concerns.

These treatments specifically targets melanin in the skin without affecting the neighboring area and leave your skin clear and flawless.

Every day essentials for skin care :

  • Using thin film of sunscreen across face & exposed area to protect skin then left on for 15 minuted to 20 minutes so that it can settle down
  • If you sweat a lot you will have to reapply every few hours
  • Good cleanser to your skin type
  • For oily skin add toner for deeper cleansing
  • Use moisturizing creams containing vitamin C
  • Balanced diet & good sleep

Common Treatments for Pigmentation

We are having specialist doctors with immense knowledge of Pigmentation backed by experience of treating 100’s of patients near me. Our Femiint Esthetics Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore equips latest equipment to treat any kind of Pigmentation. Detailed consultation with our doctors will bring out the facts about disorders like Melasma & Pimples and treatment will be offered.


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