Expert Laser Skin treatment in Bangalore for Acne, Scar, Face, Pores, Hairs

Looking for Laser treatment for your Skin & Hair problems? At Femiint Esthetics Whitefield, we have the best in class Dermatologist’s to treat with advanced laser technology. Get the right advice & treatment for your Acne, Scar, Face, Pores & Hair problems.
Why only Femiint Esthetics for Laser treatment?

1. Advanced Laser equipment to treat your Skin & hair problem accurately at better cost.

2. Get treated by senior Male & Lady Dermatologist’s with vast experience.

3. Every patient is unique for us. We provide customized solution for your exact Skin or Hair problem near me.

About Laser Treatment

This technology is quite old and evolving rapidly. Its an non invasive treatment and utilizes one wavelength to create controlled beams & treat selective target & treat that particular area. This single wavelength allows for deeper penetration and the energy is directed straight to the target. To be precise energy is not absorbed by other chromophores in the path of the beam.

It has been proved to be far more safer treatment and capturing wider scope. Days are gone when this treatment was considered most ideal for removal of unwanted hair alone. A wide variety of skin care related issues can also be treated with help of Laser treatment. Even patients have developed lot more awareness on this procedure and its benefits.

Few points to keep in mind

  • Results largely depends on skills of person performing Laser
  • Few life style changes to prepare yourself for treatment
  • Protection from Sun is must before and after the procedure
  • At times depending on condition of problem more than one times it may have to be performed
  • Results after treatment do appear but they take a while to show up

Laser therapy is being used to cure most common problems like unwanted hair & tattoos, Acne & Scar, Fine lines, Skin Wrinkles, Birthmarks, Spider veins, Dark Circle, Sagging eyelid, crow’s feet around eyes, skin tightening.

The success reviews and recommendation of patients having undergone laser treatment are drawing more and more patients to our Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore and to consider them this treatment for curing their their skin and hair related problems.

Today this treatment is being used for vast range of medical conditions and we have best of doctors for performing laser treatment at Femiint Esthetics Hospital, Bangalore. Our Dermatologists and Skin specialists have tremendous knowledge of latest technology. They have cured lot of patients of Pores, Acne and Scar marks from their face at affordable cost. We have good supporting staff with latest medical equipment.

Our preferred Laser treatments are SHR-Quanta Diode, Assetlite- Q switch Nd yag, IPL.


Dr. Jyoti Jha

Designation Medical Director – Femiint Esthetics. Clinical Cosmetologist & Trichologist
Qualification MBBS (MD PHYSICIAN) PG Clinical Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine. Member: NCA – USA, AFAASI KMC-126927
Years of Experience 9 years
Department Cosmetology & Dermatology
Days & Timings
  1. Mon-Tue, Thus-Sat : 12:00PM TO 6:30PM
  2. Wed : 12:00PM TO 7:00PM
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