Get your lost hairs back. Top Hair Transplantation, Hair Loss & Hair fall Treatment in Whitefield, Bangalore by Specialists

Suffering from baldness? Worried of your Hair fall? Get treated by Hair specialists to solve your problem. Our top Trichologists can review & suggest the right treatment for your problem. Our treatments vary from Hair Transplantation, Hair Loss & Hair Fall treatment.

Why Femiint Esthetics for your Hair Transplantation?

1. We expertise in wide range of Hair Fall Disorders and our Male & Lady hair Doctors suggest patient specific treatment & personally monitor patients from start to end.

2. Best Hair doctor near me to diagnose all aspects of patients health and habits to access the medical conditions and conclude on right treatment for fixing and hair regrowth.

3. Doctors have high skill set with proficiency in hair transplantation & hair weaving procedures to ensure successful treatment at affordable cost.

About Hair Loss and Hair Transplantation

Healthy Hairs can make or change personality of Men / Women. This is one of the major ingredients of ones beauty. Through out the day we are cautious of our Hairs and their impact on our looks with different get ups and good attires that we take up. But the moment we see hair struck in comb or lying our shoulder, our approach changes. The mere thought of Hair loss can bring nightmare. To be precise every change in our life style like diet, water, weather, travelling can turn this medical condition ON.


We are covered with hairs from top to bottom and our entire body has ability to grow hairs except for few body parts. Our hairs differs all over the body but how it grows is the same.

Just underneath the skin are bundled together hair follicles. Individual hairs gradually increase in length as more & more cells are added to the base over time. Also as part of the natural cycle hairs stop growing and fall out of the follicle, to be replaced with new ones.

Hair Fall:

When we pull hair only the hair out, follicle remains & can still grow new hair out. The problem arises when hairs stops coming. This may be caused due to many reasons,

  1. Major trauma with the skin tissue loosing follicle and without follicle hair can’t grow,
  2. Follicle simply stops working.

Both men and women can suffer from either type of hair loss problems. As in men follicles around the hair line at the top of the head and right back to the crown are the receptor for switching off follicle and gradually  stop producing hair. Once your old hairs fall out you are left with male pattern of hair loss.

Hair Transplantation:

In both these cases hair transplantation offer a solution. By transplanting the hair and healthy follicle to the required area. In this process hair follicle is picked from one part of the body by Skin doctor and successfully install into another body part. In case of male pattern of hair loss there seems to be safe zone of no hair loss around the back and sides of the head and healthy follicles can be picked from.

How can one just let this go and live rest of life suffering from Hair Fall. Our specialist doctors at Femiint Esthetics Hospital Whitefield Bangalore have studied and analysed all the possible causes of hair loss. They have treated vast number of patients with all kind of Hair Loss problems and gained all the experience. Our doctors have helped 100’s of patients regrow their hairs by fixing hair through Weaving and Transplantation technology.

Our adopted treatments are Platelet derived growth factors-PRP, Plant derived stem cells, Cocktail multi-nutrient & Cyclical Vitamin Therapy, FUE Hair Transplantation.

Best Trichologist with correct diagnosis, review and proven track record are here to offer you best of Skin & Hair treatment services.


Dr. Jyoti Jha

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Years of Experience 9 years
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