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Anti-Aging : Glam and Fresh Skin against Passing Time

Today near me everyone’s slogan is to have healthy shining glowing skin irrespective of their age, work habits & life style. No one wants to have any kind of lines, wrinkles or dull looking skin. Even not when our skin starts to show symptoms of ageing.

Our skin appearance depends on many factors within us and one around us. Ageing is an inevitable fact of life but it reflection on individual varies due to their genes and hormones. These factors decide the regeneration ability of our skin and hence our visual appearance, skin texture and glow. So these inherited basics can not be changed but can be controlled to extent.

Other major factor is the environmental conditions around us. Every our body and skin is subjected to pollution, harsh water, sun light, cosmetics and deteriorating. Adding to this is our life style and our food habits.

Symptoms of aging on skin

Skin is first to give indications of any kind of changes and the appearance changes.

Few of symptoms are Acne & Scar, rough skin, dull skin, fine line, wrinkles etc.


Non surgical treatments are mostly growing trend due to all the improvements in technologies. Depending upon the area and skin type various non-surgical options are made available.

  • Botox :

This is a quick non-surgical treatment dramatically smooth these worry lines. It involves injecting extremely small qty of Botox around the targeted area. This treatment is generally preferred to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around face & eyes. Results of Botox treatment are very fast and lasts as long as six months.

  • Fillers :

It works by filling up the sagging area and bring back natural completeness. It offers simpler and quick way of looking younger. This treatment is suitable for filling contour of chick, chin, nose & lips.

  • Laser Skin tightening treatments :

This is an non-surgical process that uses laser light to heat the collagen under skin and tightens skin. Its effect are visible immediately and smooth skin with more youthful appearance. Its a safe and effective treatment all over the body.

  • Thermage skin treatment :

Our facial skin is made up of three distinct layers and this treatment tightens and renews collagen in all three layers. The net result of Thermage skin treatment is more youthful looking and tighter skin.

  • Thread Lift:

This treatment works on folds and sags and mostly designed for face. But they can also be applied on the neck & cleavage. Herein thread are inserted beneath the skin and pulled into place.

  • Photo Rejuvenation:

This treatment uses lasers, Intense pulsed light to treat skin condition for removing sun defects, spots and textures resulting in more even and toned skin.

  • Medi – Facial Treatment :

It’s an result specific treatment towards repair, restore and enhance face for rejuvenated skin. This treatment is advisable on Dehydrated skin, sun damages & pigmentation.

For the desired & unique outcomes, the trends for non-surgical treatments is growing year on year from 2016, 2017 & 2018. When it comes to knowing what’s particular requirement and skin type, no one knows better the doctor.


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