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Acne and Scar haunting you every time you see mirror & not sure of how to overcome them? Femiint Esthetics Hospital helps realize dream of Clean & Flawless skin under guidance of best Dermatologist & Skin specialist in Whitefield, Bangalore. Effective Surgery and Laser treatment gets rid of Acne and Scar marks.
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1. Our specialist doctor’s treatment effects in faster fading / removal of Acne and Scar marks with remarkable difference in skin appearance before and after treatment.

2. Dermatologists & Skin specialist have undergone extensive training relative to acne and scar to offer expert treatment.

3. Consultation with our Male & Lady specialist not only makes diagnosis specific to the type of Acne and scar but also helps patient come out of mental block carried for years.

About Acne & Scar and Open Pores

Acne is a generalized condition of skin that lead to formation of pimples, mostly on face. Similarly Scars are left out marks of some injury or surgery. Presence of Acne and Scar can make us uncomfortable and frustrating.  This mostly develops in teenage and may persist for longer periods as well.  If not treated and removed timely, these marks continue to be there for very long time.

In order to keep hair & skin well lubricated our body depends on Sebaceous glands located just under skin. These glands secret an oily substance which coats skin and hair to prevent them from drying out. This oily substance travel up the skin trough pores to surface of the skin. When our body produces extra oily substance, it along with dead skin stick together and clog pores. These skin blemishes attract bacteria and provide platform for their growth in clogged portion leading to inflammation.

  • Depending on area where the clog is located and inflammation, acne may appear as white heads. These are nothing but clogged follicles closed off from air.
  • When the clogged portion is exposed to air it turn black and have black heads.
  • Pimples are inflamed follicle clogged with puss or cyst. These are larger painful puss filled lumps going deep under the skin.

Acne is a skin disease consisting of blemishes that can occur on face, neck, chest, shoulders and back.

Causes of Acne & Scar :

  • Hormonal changes
  • Bacteria
  • Certain medications
  • Genetics

Few treatments:

  • Use of lotion for mild case of Acne
  • Vitamin A which reduces the build up of dead skin cells in pores
  • Topical antibiotics
  • Combination of Benzoyl peroxide & Topical antibiotics
  • For severe case, oral medication may be prescribed.
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Isotretinoin ( only for severe cases)
  • Corticosteroid Injection

Tips for good skin care:

This phenomena happens due to the non-hygienic and non-cleanliness habits of individuals.

  • Wash twice daily with mild soap
  • Wash gently without much rubbing
  • For dry skin, use oil free water based moisturizer
  • Use products with oil-free label
  • Avoid picking / squeezing blemishes as it may lead to infection or scar.

Open Pores

There are multiple glands present on our face which secret oil and are present on side of hair follicle. Its natural to have these glands and very much required for moisturizing skin and keeping skin intact.

Opening of these gland gives the appearance of open pores. Area wherein these glands are more in number we see larger prominence of pores. Common areas where we notice these are nose, chin area & inner side of cheeks.

There is increased secretion of oil from these glands during adolescence & adult hood. With aging our skin becomes thinner and support of these glands & opening gets reduced. As a result they appear more larger with age.


  • Mostly people with oily skin have this problem
  • One with dry skin can also tend to develop as they age.
  • Genetic
  • Family history
  • These may appear in Females during menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalance

Few measures to control:

Open pores can be considered as early sign of aging. It may not be possible to completely get rid of but their appearance can be reduced / minimized depending on skin type and skin condition.

  • Using gentle cleanser and try not to scrub too often
  • Don’t use or eat that increases body oil resulting in more prominent pores
  • Not to sleep with make up
  • Use face wash as prescribed by doctor (mostly containing Salicylic Acid)
  • Using face creams containing vitamin A derivatives
  • Using sun screen when skin is exposed to sun light for long.

In general Laser treatments and Surgeries are done to overcome these kinds of issues. At Femiint Esthetics, Whitefield Bangalore, we have top Doctors specialized to treat these specific medical conditions backed with experience of curing patients all types of Acne and Scar marks at affordable cost. At our hospital in Whitefield we have all necessary medical instruments and machinery required for satisfactory treatments and surgery. With our best Dermatologist’s treatment Acne & Scar and marks starts to fade away faster.

To cure this Skin disorder we offer many treatments like Chemical Peels, Skin Polishing, IPL Skin Treatment, Micro needling, RF Laser Resurfacing, Hydra Injections, PRP, Subcision, Growth Factor Infusions, Dermatosurgery.

So utilize this facility and get expert opinion of famous Dermatologists present in Bangalore, near me and get rid of any such Acne, Scar marks & Open pores.


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