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Photorejuvenate skin by IPL skin treatment in Bangalore

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IPL Photo Facial Treatment


IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulse Light & also known as Photo Facial and it’s an energy based device that’s part of skin fairness or healing. This treatment is mostly suggested to fair or light complexion people with skin type 1, 2 or 3. Due to sun damages they have redness or brown discoloration on skin.


Concept of IPL treatment on Skin

IPL works with focusing beams of intense pulse light into the skin to target different colors. Both red and brown colors can be targeted in the same treatment. This process is very quick and usually takes about 3- 5 minutes to cover entire area and attend all concerns of patient in one pass. This process is very effective and safe. It is widely accepted anti-aging treatment.


How is IPL Skin treatment carried out

  • To start with thick layer of ultrasound gel is applied on the area to be treated. This helps cool the surface and smooth guiding of device probe,
  • Configuring the device to the exact setting to treat the exact skin problem,
  • Intense pulse light enters the skin and destroys red and brown color in skin leaving the skin uniform in terms of natural color,
  • Once IPL treatment is completed skin is iced and cream is applied over treated portion which can be rubbed off in 10 minutes,
  • Few days later to skin treatment, treated skin may turns brown / coffee brown and slips off in few days leaving behind beautiful and refresh skin.


Frequency of IPL treatment

IPL treatment can be taken approximately every 4 weeks but it mostly depends on the individual skin type. Few may see results with in 2 or 3 repeats and can further opt for one in a year as a maintenance treatment.


What body parts can be treated by IPL treatment

It can be performed on face, neck,chest, fore hands & legs for curing lessen age Spots, Sun damage, Melasma, pigmentation, Acne & pores, Wrinkles, Spider veins, etc few to mention.


Limitations of IPL treatment

  • Not generally suggested for darker skin
  • Preferred for treating small superficial targets only.
  • Not suitable for Diabetic patients.
  • Not advisable for one with bad wound healing ability.


How is IPL Treatment different from Laser Treatment

While the basic technology is very similar the composition of beam light is totally different.

  • With Laser technology the light beam travel through very sensitive solids and liquids that allows to separate the single wavelength of beam and then amplifies its original energy level. Whereas in IPL technology neither controls nor amplifies light.
  • Laser treatment is a monochromatic light source which has only one color and single wavelength. But Pulse light is poly-chromatic and composed of several colors and wavelengths.
  • Laser beam is coherent and all waves are identical in length and synchronized with each other. On the other hand Pulse light is in-coherent as its made up of various color and wavelength.
  • Laser beam is focused and concentrated on a small surface whereas pulse light can treat wider surface simultaneously.
  • Intense pulse lights are absorbed by various chromophore within skin and Laser targets one specific chromophore.
  • In order to heat deeper targets higher energy levels needs to be employed with IPL treatment whereas Laser allows deeper penetration and energy is directed straight to the target.
  • IPL treatment is preferred for treating small & superficial pigments & redness. Lasers  selectively destroy specific targets.

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