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3. We cover all kinds of Chemical Peel treatments including Glycolic, Lactic, Beta, Vitalize & TCA Peel for Actinic Keratosis

4. It solves many kinds of Skin issues including Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Acne & Scar, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Hydration, Hyperpigmentation

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What is Chemical Peeling?

What does Chemical Peels essentially mean?

Chemical Peels are highly acidic substances having a normal PH of 5.5 and all chemical peels have a normal PH of about 2 to 2.5 | 3 to 3.5 and some of them even as low as 1.5.

Process Of Chemical Peeling:

When acidic peels are applied on the skin they take away the top coat of the skin which is comprised of dead cells. Chemical peels have 27 multiple layers of cells out of which top 5 to 7 layers are of dead cells. This dead layers of cells are what will be stripped off during the process of chemical peeling.

Chemical Peeling broadly can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Superficial Chemical Peels
  2. Medium level Chemical Peels
  3. Deep Chemical peels


  1. Superficial Chemical Peels: These are usually the Glycolic peels or the lactic acid peels and these peels don’t have downtime or recovery time. These procedures can be performed in very short time duration as 15 to 20 mins. Your chemical peels will not be visible after the procedure if they are superficial.


  1. Medium level Chemical Peels: Upon getting this procedure a day or two later you will notice visible chemical peel with skin getting tight & freaky which will last for a week. This peeling is not recommended if you have a nearing Social Event, appointment or meeting. Although you have some amount of visible peel, it can be masked by a moisturizer.


  1. Deep Chemical peels: Deep Chemical peels are usually not carried out in the Indian skin types because there will be a high risk of pigmentation related to deep chemical peels.


Who can get Chemical Peeling and Why?

  1. It can be done if one has dull and uneven skin tone
  2. Underlying dark circles to reduce the amount of pigmentation around the eyes.
  3. It is also very effective in those people who suffer from pigmentation which could be pigmentation due to photo damage
  4. Pregnancy induced pigmentation like Melasma.
  5. People with acne who have scars which are flat and pigmented or just brownish in appearance could also benefit from getting a chemical peel.
  6. It is also effective in reducing the early signs of aging. It is also known as anti-aging procedure.
  7. It works even for the people with frickles especially if they are superficial. Sometimes in Acne, chemical peels are combined with medical treatment for faster benefit and to reduce the amount of scars happened due to acne.

Natural Treatment support for Peels:

A lot of fruits especially the citrus fruits have natural citric acids in them. As we know the Chemical Peels are acids. Anything acidic like citric acid from citrus fruits like Oranges, Lemons.etc can function as fruit pills at home. Anything acidic from the Kitchen such as Vinegar and Yogurt are also acidic in nature and at as peels for skin.

The difference between a natural fruit peel and a chemical peel is that, Chemical peels are usually stronger and it is a controlled environment that doctors know the exact PH value of the peel that is being removed and the time needed to be monitored.

If you are opting for Fruit peels at home, you can do it. But as soon as you start feeling tingling and itching of your skin, wash it with water and apply a soothing lotion on your face to minimize the risk of burst.

Our Chemical peels treatment is given for Acne, Scars, Face, Pigmentation, Lips, Feet, Dark Spots, Fairness, Hands, dark Buttocks. etc

If you have any further queries regarding chemical peels, whether or not an ideal candidate for chemical peel or what type of peel would be most suitable for your skin type feel free to talk to us.

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